Lunch at 90Miles Cuban Cafe’


After a very interesting morning at work yesterday, I decided to treat myself for lunch. I picked up 90 miles Cuban Café menu and glanced through it. Most of the items on the menu I’ve never heard of before which was great. Making decisions based on the information given instead of what I’ve been conditioned to look for, that’s grand. So, I looked at the menu a second tyme and decided on the Ropa Vieja – $6.50. At 1:25pm, I walked over to 90 miles Cuban Café. I ordered Ropa Vieja: stripped beef in creole sauce on a bun. And I ordered a side of sweet plantains and a coke. Everything came to $14.02. The weather was the last thing on my mind, so I sat on the patio. The spot I picked was underneath a tree next to the sidewalk on Armitage. I opened up The Warren Buffet Way and began reading, I needed to read a few more pages in order to finish it on the way home. As for lunch, the creole sauce was just right for the stripped beef, not too bland and not to over bearing. I didn’t like the dried plantains though. I preferred the sweet plantains that I ordered as a side. Lunch was great and the atmosphere was great as well. The attractions, north west side of Chicago, mixed crowd, everyone getting along, no drama, legs and toes crossed across legs, a few stolen glances at me, what more can you ask for? The left top part of my head got an unexpected sun tan, because the sun escaped through the tree I sat under. I definitely recommend 90 Miles Cuban Cafe’.

I give 90Miles Cuban Cafe’ 7 Red out of a possible 10 Red in the casual dining category. Good Tymes.


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