Urban Bio “Solo Exemplification”

Lately, I haven’t had the urge to walk the neighborhood (NW side) to find food for lunch. So I work through lunch while nibbling on fruit and oatmeal. I sip on water too. With the weather dipping around 0 – 11(F), it is much more feasible and enjoyable to grab food on the commute back home. I enjoy grabbing a bite to eat and a wee bit to drink while passing through the loop.

Last Tuesday, at 04:54 pm, I made a call to Stocks and Blond’s bar to place an order of buffalo wings with blue cheese to go. I choose Stocks and Blond’s because I like the mixture of their buffalo sauce and the crispness of their chicken. You know what I mean. Their buffalo wings aren’t soggy. And those two aspects provide for Stocks and Blond’s (SB’s) being in my top 10 of buffalo wing spots.

I had about thirty minutes before the next Metra train going my way left the loop. So I decided to eat there. I let the bartender and waitress know that I wanted to eat in. Then I grabbed a window seat and ordered a Guinness beer.

On the walk to the window seat which is kiddie corner from the elevated L trains, I couldn’t help but notice that I might have been the only person eating and/or drinking alone. There were two men of African ethnicity having an intense conversation in their respective language, two other guys (one Caucasian and one Indian), were in the latest fashionable business suits conversing with one another and everyone else that I can recall were in groups of various numbers conversing amongst themselves. All of this continued on while I devoured eight buffalo wings, celery, carrots, blue cheese and a cold Guinness in a glass while peering out the window at pedestrians walking in frigid air. I like being that person who finds comfort in going it alone.

The fact of the matter is that my social coma has come to an end. I no longer choose to always “go it alone”. Even for just thirty minutes before catching a train. I should have stretched a half an hour to an hour and a half or two and a half hours by placing a call to someone to come chill. What I have been focusing on these past few years is coming to a gratifying end. My thought is this now: “next tyme, I will make eating out downtown an event”.


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