Urban Remix “The Remix”

I don’t know what to say because I am feeling a lot of hohum or non-chalant. So I am changing it on the turntable – about to scratch it up by remixing it then blending it with another. Believe that if it is faded out, I won’t bring it back.

At work on Tuesday waiting on coffee to complete it’s brew process while reading, liking, laughing, thinking and peeking at all of you all’s post. The simple convergence of characters on my “following” page and “home” page is the norm. See, what interest me most about cyberlife – characteristics of someone living across the globe in France, China, Australia, Brazil, England, Africa, Spain, Germany, the United States, etc. Engage me as I will you for more than a like.

My stomach is disappearing. I only have room for a six pac. I can see feets.


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