Urban Bio “The Drawing Board”

I look at yours

then look at mine

fuck, going back to the drawing board.

Back at the drawing board I tweak the prints of spontaneity for everything else has aligned. Now I look to ascend from this board, that spreadsheet…..from the word processor to a place where fun is filled 25.5 hours a day – I’ll borrow 1.5 hours from those who forget what fun is. Ragtyme in the meantyme has had its go tyme. Now its back to 2016 tyme. I think its her tyme. Wine tyme, dine tyme, beach and bike ride tyme. foto in a frame tyme. The one where I fly to Miami to meet her then go to Miami beach kind of pose. The let her hair down, red manicure and white pedicure while wearing a white bikini under a white shirt kind of pose. The best part – without setting a date tyme because I planned it out just right this tyme. spontaneity.


4 thoughts on “Urban Bio “The Drawing Board”

    1. myzetetics says:

      In 2008 or 2009, I took a class about creativity called “Creator and Creativity”. This class taught me how we get to creativity. I am in the final classes prior to completing a Business Management with a focus in Finance degree. Through writing I am able to express my thoughts, feelings, motivations, needs, apprehensions and more. Laying them out on these white backgrounds help me to get them out of my head which provides room for focus. “Creator and Creativity”. I like your poetry too.

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