Urban Bio “Confession”

Beautiful Author
“The Writer”

She sat across from me, aside from me or kiddie corner from me. All, of which, were at angles that allowed me to gaze at her beauty from tyme to tyme while listening to her instructions, for which, I write acceptably to you with clarity, today. It couldn’t be that this cliché had befallen upon me.

My like for an articulate woman had forsaken my senses. I watched as she pulled information from her memory to verbalize her thoughts. I recall the detail at which she and her colleague provided an exemplary  discussion on correct grammar. I didn’t know the English language was so foreign and exotic, until then. My interest in languages, dialogue and body language has heightened since that quarter I spent in her presence. In fact, I watch sub-titled movies on Netflix to diversify my knowledge of words, delivery, reception, emotions and point of view. All of this absorption so I could articulate better when I met another woman gifted in the English language. Who knew I would have this attraction to a woman so well versed at writing.

Sure, it was a beautiful view. Those facial expressions, those hand movements, her feet arching in front of the wooden desk chair leg as she re-positioned her body by crossing her other leg over the other. I especially liked it when she placed one arm on the desk while she rested the other elbow on the back of the chair and listened intently to questions. It was during these moments when she would tap her toes against thin air and stretch her toes by curling them frontwards, like, the wicked witch of the east and backwards for exercise.

Wooden School Chair DePaul - 6905904_1_l
This Chair Look Like The Chairs Used In Class.

Though this was innocent in nature, I couldn’t help but think that my attraction to her made these gestures more. One day, I saw her curling her toes. As I glanced up – purposefully into her eyes, our eyes locked briefly. Did this effect how frequently she stretched or exercised her toes; therefore, exuding  positive body language?

Thinking and facial expression, hand movement and hand placement, casual attire, long legs and long toes and writing materials are some similarities. The model in this foto captures some of the essence of “The Writer”. My writing professor in 2011. Thunderbird Driving.

Dreams can write true!-)






Disclosure: I do not own the Copyrights to these photographs nor have I edited the original in any way. I have not been able to find the owners to this point.


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