Urban Remix “Would U B – My Neighbor?”

I used to to manage in retail
then corporate America said I wasn't good enough

I used to be the perfect mate
now, I prefer companionship because mating ends with cumtrolling

I am older now
but I am just graduating now
I want to travel now

my ecosystem here has been exhausted
success is mine
yes, just not here

I have no job title
I have no love interest
I have me, a brain, a club and I am taking all beyond the zone


3 thoughts on “Urban Remix “Would U B – My Neighbor?”

  1. In Becky's Head says:

    I like what you’re saying about just graduating but that your ecosystem has been exhausted already. Like you have all this potential but there’s no space for it any more. Is that what you intended? To convey the sense of frustration?

    1. myzetetics says:

      More like a politician who wants to make a difference in his community. However, he is subjugated by an organizational processes. Not so much frustration as it is willingness to be a humanitarian in the community of different agendas. Who shall I align with and with what organization? Or do I walk away knowing that there will be dilution and limited resources for my community? Or do I stay and make it happen?

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