Urban Bio “New View”

Today was swell. Where I interviewed had a good view of Chicago’s City Hall (left – white stone with pillars) and State of Illinois building (right – glass). Looking at the architecture in the surrounding area, one can tell the difference in periods. Especially before and after the Chicago Fire. And if you look straight ahead past both of these, you will see a group of red buildings. For me, this brought to mind structures that predate and postdate “The Chicago Fire”. This new view is a nostalgic view because through a class I attended about Chicago Architecture, I sometimes drift into query.

Old architecture meets new architecture and sometimes the old structures have modern interiors that favorably compare with their new counter parts. Personally, I like the eclectic mix of structures and I am happy to share them with you tonight.

Me, after I arrived home and before I got news that I marketed and sold my skills well enough to get another contract. And for all of you who enjoy coffee, a Keurig coffee maker with a French Vanilla option!!!!!


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