Urban Bio “Attentive”

When I began interaction on WordPress on Jan 1, I didn’t know what I wanted. What I found last Friday was my lost social life. Happy hour(s) as they say is good for building relationships – new and old. Grabbing a bite to eat afterwards is a way to extend fulfilment. My high school/college buddy and I grabbed drinks at  Abamus with his friends.

As I swing deeper into single life, I am once again able to enjoy friendships. Conversation was the enjoyable type were topics held no bound. As preparation, shock therapy came in the form of those I am following here on WordPress so my voice wasn’t the result of boring combined letters. It was one of fervor relative to unadulterated topics.

Fruition from all of this is an attractive lunch buddy who is in a relationship. She thought me to be interesting enough to take on the road. I thought she was interesting  to be on the road with. Now,  we will prove up our new friendship. Right, what I like is mutual attraction.

© 2016


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