Urban Bio “Coming Through”

What keeps us from making decisions? I decided to buy new shirts at Macy’s yesterday. This tyme though, I bought a size too small in order to play this new style. Essentially, I haven’t worn a size 14.5 22/23 since, at least, 2002. You like?
She was beautiful, sitting two chairs away as we both sat in front of the window looking out of Starbucks Northwest window. I thought “today is Friday. I have to blog”. My thinking was that I don’t know how men who have an interest in a woman are supposed to find out more about that woman other than engaging them in conversation. Hence, this foto – so I asked her to snap this foto for my blog. She obliged and we mutually engaged one another in a brief conversation. She started a new job in the office building directly across the street about 10 minutes after she snapped this foto. My point is that I made a decision. I wanted to meet this you young lady and I went for it. Though it didn’t provide the result I had hoped it would provide, it gave me practice at being social. I essentially came through the decision process.

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