Urban Remix “Present”

Shallow like a catch and release pond
we leave pain in the mouth

Two walkers; two stalkers; two talkers
we follow one another’s story like literature majors

with grains between her toes and heels thrown over her shoulder
she poses her next query
the kinda of query that preceed infinity

with compatibility on the line, my input is such
that conveys “here with you, right now and the future”

glowing like Rudolf from her heart, she places a warm kiddie corner gaze into my eyes to read my sincerity level
this is when our friendship becomes physical

she hand-in-hand me and transfers her body temperature to mine
not knowing that her presence, this conversation and a mental massage
consumed me like a male fire fly 101 paces or so ago
for her, I lit the path

As I transfer warmth back to her, we spark
conduction, all of the elements are present

© 2016


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