Urban Remix “Spontaneity Act 1 Scene 2”

After taking the last swig of my Guinness beer, I jump on the train heading to my temporary living quarters. Upon turning into the alley to walk the half block, I see a silhouette standing in the rain. Halfway up the alley she stands there with an umbrella opened above her head. What is she doing here? My mind racing as I ask myself once again. “No literally, what is she doing in the alley?”

As I approach her, I notice that the right sleeve of her white blouse is wet while the left sleeve is completely dry. It is my assumption that she held the umbrella in her left hand during her wait. Further observation revealed clear nail polish and black gothic like toenail polish that complimented the tan designer peep toe heels she wore. Her small waist and contour thighs served as the belt for the tan with white pinstripe skirt. Her outfit was stylishly conservative. Her hair was hazel with ever so slight blonde highlights which accentuated a less than made up face. “Damn, she is fine”

Surely, to see her twice in less than an hour was heavenly. We first met at Hotel Le Beau about an hour ago. I walked in, sat at the bar then ordered a beer to consume while I await the arrival of my train. When I arrived, she was seated in a lounge chair by the window. There she was able to survey the venue.

Shortly after my beer arrived, she arrived by my side. Blair, despite the Scottish meaning of her name was anything but plain. An account manager for an IT company, she expressed the need to sometimes “relax after a day or days of hard work”. I concurred. No hold bars as we shifted the conversation like a gearbox in a 6-speed Porsche. Originally from the east coast; she went to school in the midwest and now work here in Chicago.

She took a phone call that she reluctantly wanted to answer. Upon her return to the bar, she said she had to grab Uber somewhere and that she would call me for lunch. Shortly after turning and taking a step, she turned back and leaned in to kiss on the lips. “Bye, talk to you soon!” The smell of Happy fragrance and body spray by Clinique freshly up my nose, I returned the goodbye then watched as she exited.

Apparently during that short tyme, I explained to her  my route home. So as I walk up to Blair at 7:25 pm, I knew then that she prescribe a grand tyme for herself – me.

To Be Continued…


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