Urban Bio “A Place”

Chicago’s Loop is bustling. As always, as I make the right turn toward Panera Bread, the concert forms let loose then form again. It is amazing to be good at what you do, get paid for it, then have fulfillment in others appreciating your art.

Yep, so when I got to Panera Bread, I chillaxed while enjoying a broccoli and cheese bread bowl soup with a large iced tea. I had to leave early because the Wi-Fi connection was slow. Otherwise, I would have chatted up this exceptionally beautiful woman who sat directly in front of me. She suggested that I use the kiosk to order my food instead of the never ending line. After eating, I went to Starbucks to finish my last homework assignment after becoming annoyed.

It was a good day because I met four uniquely different women. Three, of which, we exchanged numbers for further communication – befriends. The fourth slipped through because of my concern of not being able to complete my homework.

When you shut everything and everybody out of your life to focus on something important to you, the thirst to bring good relationships into your life becomes selectively “throwing spaghetti on the wall” “the more the merrier”.


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