Urban Bio “the 5th, I plead”

Last week, I posted the blank version of “the 5th, I plead” because I got tired of posting everytyme I had a thought then thought something was nice, cool and/or sharable. I will watch my educators from afar now. A weekly cap of 5 post has been set by me, for me. There will be up to 2 post on Urban Bio “Non-Fiction (My Life)”, up to 2 post on Urban Remix “Fiction (Day Dreams of an Artist)” and 1 freestyle [heavily influenced (peer pressure) by that which attracts me on social media bounced back with my 2 cents] post in one of the two. Make sense?

5th 2
5 Layers with the 5th Layer – natural light

I think participating in the NaNoReMo this November will be challenging so I want to do it. This will require me to learn and train my brain on literature by experiencing, reading, writing, interpreting and organizing. There is a lot to it. If I study it (writing) like it’s the series 7, 63 or CFA, at the very least, I should complete a short story. This will make me feel accomplished.

Sit back, relax with a glass of wine and tray of appetizers to enjoy this with me – ChilN. Or grab some buffalo wings and a beer to enjoy this with me – Chilax.


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