Urban Bio: Ah, Yes

ICU Idiosyncratic

14329 Park Avenue at 1 South Dearborn on the 23rd floor in Chicago. The CIA and the FBI working on something of no substance but abuse of the law they are sworn to uphold. From one organization asking a non-government organization to help uphold there sworn codeRandom 016 of bondage.

This was my home/house ($40K with a balance of $36K on a 20 year house note: payment $453 a month) on Park Avenue during one tyme (blacklisted) when I was broke and not yet degree’d but intellectually smart. Sure, this is when I said to all you motherfuckers “I don’t work to pay bills”. I work to make money for my motherfuckN self. Then my brokerage balance lost $20K since. Sure, I know I am not Asian but I know math – 1+1=2. It doesn’t take six years to prove 2 is the result of 1+1 on $22K a year. You are correct. I don’t know much, if nothing at all, about calculus. As managers like myself typically do, I ask someone who does know or I figure it out 07_27based on theory, hypothesis, application, results and adjustments. I have my degree in Business 15
Management with a Focus in Finance. Today as I am again blacklisted, I stand and say fuck ya’ll. No, I will not apply for employment security or start an online company. You want me motherfucker? You know where I am.

I am African American


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