Due to the end of my most recent work contract (Data Analyst), I was at home watching Bloomberg TV as a consumer and/or proprietary trader yesterday. Chairwoman Yellen Testified on the Economy. There were several good points covered but one exchange hit home more than others. This exchange was with Rep. Patrick Murphy (D) Florida who spoke about the “disappearing middle class” and consumers needing a “700 credit score” to take advantage of low rates currently offered or else they are subject to paying higher interest rates. Why did this strike me as interesting? Because as a citizen of the United States who wasn’t born into the most affluent society, stagnation should not always be the end result for those who have no VOLUME for each and everything they do until those who live and breathe VOLUME are able to change their patterns. Consequently, it has been vital that when the need arise, one who is mindful of her/his buying power is able to utilize credit at an affordable rate to stimulate her/his own growth. But how is this feasible when a 690 credit score is no longer considered good credit? So when one looks at dropping wages coupled with the extreme requirement of “good” credit, the remedy may be “weather the storm” for there will not be stimulus from others the way there was stimulus for those who already have VOLUME.

My question is this simple query: “How Much Longer Will One Have to Weather The Storm?”


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